Please read carefully all the information on this page if you are purchasing any laminate product from Wilsonart or Formica

Formica and Wilsonart laminate products are the two most recognized brands in the market when speaking of laminate countertops and customs woodwork or architectural refacing projects. Their collections go from the most subtle or standard laminate designs to the very luxury and exceptional designer collections, like the WXY from Wilsonart or the Terrazzo Collection from Formica. 


In any case, Parts4Cabinets strive to provide the best customer service and support in all its products offered thru our sales channels and these are not exception, but due to their nature and fragility as well as collection specific items, some factors may affect your order processing and delivery time and we want to make sure you are aware.

The WXY Collection by Wilsonart as well as the VDL (Virtual Design Library) are entirely made to order products, which means that every product from these two collections will be reflected in our website and other sales channels as "In-Stock" for inventory purposes but this "DOES NOT MEAN" that the ordered quantity is available to be shipped right away. 

Since these are "MADE TO ORDER", once your order is placed, this one is sent automatically to Wilsonart for the "Manufacturing Process" to start at their Texas facility.

Such process takes around 21 DAYS to complete and then is being shipped to you. 

Once the order is placed, our customers have 24 hours to cancel or make changes to their orders. After 24 hours, we are unable to make changes to their orders.

  • Product Identification

Products from these collection can be easily noted by their SKU or Identification Code that starts with "Y" and their numeral code. Ex: Y0021

  • Orders Cancellations: 

Cancellation of orders for these products collections have a 50% Cancellation Fee deducted from your refund at the moment of the cancellation.

  • Returns:

Due to all the previously noted, we are unable to accept any returns for this items at this moment. (Only for the collections said)